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Tinder: Dating in the 21st Century

Online dating came almost hand in hand with the Internet, but with the arrival of Tinder in September 2012 it became more popular. By 2014 the company stated that they’ve had about one billion swipes and around 12 million matches per day, Tinder was the first dating app to incorporate the swiping system, this feature allows users to select other people by their photos, just sliding them to the left or right (dislike or like, respectively), from this, if the other user swipe us right, then a match occurs, is the only way to know if anyone is interested in us (except if we already decided to pay for a premium feature, in this case it’s called Tinder Gold).

To be successful during the use of the app is recomendable to complete our profile and include good photos of us, show to other users who we are, always remember, our profile is our cover letter and Tinder is based on the impact we trigger on others.

Over the years, Tinder decided to incorporate new features (not all of them are for free) among them you can find:

  • Spotify: emerged from an agreement between the two companies, allows us to teach our musical tastes with other users, associating both accounts. It also gives us the chance to choose "our hymn", that song that identifies us and even shows how we are or even how we feel.
  • Moments: it was a function that allowed us to share photos during 24 hours, some kind of Instagram stories’ style. Those images were only available for your matches. It was active until November 2015.
  • Super Like: implemented in late 2015, lets users let know someone else that they “like" them. This feature can only be used once per 24 hours for regular users and six times per day for premium users.
  • Tinder Gold: is an exclusive service for paid memberships, it includes Tinder Plus services and other new features such as: passport (allows us to interact with people from other cities), rewind (turn back users after “disliking” them by mistake), unlimited likes, total control over your profile (hide distance and/or age) and the newest feature that allow us to know who is interested in us even before matching with them!
  • Tinder Select: is the "secret" version of Tinder, only available for celebrities and people with a lot of success in the dating app.
  • Boost: this feature allows us to “highlight” our profile for thirty minutes in our area. You will need to buy each “boost”, but if you are already subscribed on Tinder Plus, you will get one boost per month for free.
  • Groups: it gives us the possibility to create with (at least) a Facebook’s friend a “group”, then you can match with another group to go out all together!
  • Smart photos: using algorithms, Tinder chooses the best photo to help you to get more matches!
  • Tinder Online: The web browser friendly version of the app, it allows you to keep in touch with your matches or even meet new ones without needing to use your smartphone. It is still being tested in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Canada and Mexico.

Grab your smartphone, download the app from the App Store,

then enjoy the wonderful Tinder experience!


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Chatting makes the world go round

It doesn’t matter how attractive someone can look in their photos, you’ll realise if you’re into them when you start talking to each other.

At the beginning it can be a trivial conversation, but don’t get confused: trivial doesn’t mean boring, you don’t have to say what is common to say. We’re all sick and tired of the phrases like “-Hey. –Hey, what’s up? –Fine, you? –Fine”.

It’s time to face the music, this is tedious and dulling. If you are serious about causing a good impression on the people you match with, you’re going to need some creativity and innovation. No one enjoys a dying conversation, and we understand it’s easy to run out of things to say when you doesn’t truly know the person you’re chatting with. Don’t forget what they say: conversation is an art, and this isn’t less true when we’re talking about virtual conversations.  


Here are some tips to keep your conversations going:

1) Start by introducing yourself, but don’t be a cliché.

Tell them something they aren’t expecting.

For example: “Hi, I’m Meredith. I like French fries. Sometimes I get upset because I won’t ever be able to pet all the dogs in the world”. Be random, everybody loves random conversations! And if they don’t, they’re not worth a penny.

2) Immediately after introducing yourself, ask something about the person you’re chatting with.

Be original, for example: “What’s your favourite smell?”,“Where’s your secret spot in the city?”.

3) Make them feel that what they say is important.

Show them you’re interested.

4) This tip is crucial: Don’t be afraid to change the topic if you feel your words start getting overused.

As awesome as a topic can be, it won’t ever last forever.

5) Use emojis, but use them use them in the right amount.

A chat with not emojis at all seems too serious. On the other hand, a chat full of emojis is too childish.  


6) Be careful with your grammar!

Remember first impressions do count and it’s probable many people wouldn’t take seriously someone who writes “their” instead of “they’re”.

7) Don’t use abbreviations in excess.

Not everyone know what “AMA” means. Just type “Ask me anything”, it won’t hurt your fingers.

8) Plan to meet.

Don’t stay on a virtual plane forever. After a period of time, tell the person you’ve talking to that you would like to go for a coffee, for example.

9) Avoid certain topics which could cause controversy, such as politics or religion.

It’s great to have deep conversations and argue about fundamental things but leave all of that for when you know each other a little better.

10) Be yourself.

We all know we try to underline our best qualities when we chat with someone new, and that’s totally legit.

But don’t start saying things you don’t agree with only so other people like you. Remember you deserve to be loved for who you are.

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